A small team passionate about financial planning for everyone, at any age or stage in their lives!

Meet Colleen….

Colleen Mitchell: VIDA’s founder and owner qualified as a social worker in 1996 and has spent the last 20+ years having a satisfying and rewarding career helping families in Oxfordshire.

She was introduced to financial education in February 2017 by her sister.  After 6 months of her sister’s positivity and enthusiasm of what she had discovered, she sceptically attended an event to show her support. Well, in Colleen’s words “…it was a little overwhelming – being in a room where there was so much positivity.  There was no disputing the positive impact that receiving financial literacy and coaching had on people’s lives.”

Taking the knowledge she learnt about financial literacy and based on her considerable knowledge of what effect finances can have on individuals and families alike and the impact it has in every area of life it became clear to her what the next phase of her career would be: to champion financial literacy and empower people to have financial freedom.…..and that was the birth of VIDA Plan.

Colleen is passionate about helping people and seeing them achieve their goals; be that how to manage their money independently or to help them plan and achieve their financial dreams.  She loves starting people out on their journey to financial freedom, give her a call and see how she can help you achieve financial success!